Breed Description The French Bulldog, also called Frenchie, is a compact and muscular breed that is great with small living areas. They have small-to-medium build, about 22-28 pounds, and 11-13 inches tall. Coat, The French Bulldog, has a short, smooth, and elegant jacket. Their skin is loose and soft; especially on the head and shoulders which creates wrinkles. They shed coats during a shift in seasons and may execute throughout the year. All colors besides mouse, black, liver, black and white, tan and black, and white with black are also permissible. Action Running around openly on a large grassy lawn is not enough to fulfill their instinct to walk. Owners should remember that this breed can't tolerate heat on account of their flat muzzle, and breathing problem during extreme temperatures. It's necessary for this race to be exercised during hot climates as this may result in heatstroke. Water and proper shade are critical at all times. Temperament Courageous, yet affectionate and playful, the French Bulldog's character is child-like. They are attentive, curious and bright, which makes them excellent watchdogs.

They're fun-loving, with all the fascination of roaming around the yard. Friendly, obedient, and willing to please, this is a stable strain, but can occasionally be stubborn. They can sometimes be a one-person puppy, exceptionally sensitive especially to their owners; they might sulk if they feel they have upset their owners. Overview, The French puppy, lives for and continues to be a companion puppy. This strain is small, muscle, also has a substantial bone structure. Their loving character and balanced disposition make them a favorite breed. They are usually active and alert, but not large strung. Care Routine cleaning with a firm-bristle brush is enough, and bathing should just be performed when necessary.

Training French Bulldogs are proven to be willful and stubborn occasionally. They are hard to teach, also have trouble learning how to act on commands. Owners need to be more deliberate than those dogs. Some have luck in crate training this strain, as they may have difficulty focusing on the undertaking, and get easily distracted. This little bully ought to be handled using a reliable and patient trainer. It is necessary for this breed to obey basic commands, and pup classes are the highest ways to interact this stubborn kind. Start training this strain at an early age as to prevent these undesirable behaviors to occur.see here